Thursday, 1 August 2013


It's been a silly week: cars that wouldn't start, keys that weren't in the pockets I thought they were, printing blocks gone missing (very important printing blocks!). Sometimes, though, a small satisfying project is all that's needed to set everything straight again.

I'll have these brooches at the market on Saturday, along with, I hope, a few more new things. Just have to find the keys and the printing block.


Jane McLellan said...

Those are great, they'd make good buttons too. I hope you find your keys and printing block soon and have a good market day.

painted fish studio said...

i know i have one of your brooches, but i can't find it anywhere! hope you've had better luck with your keys and the printing block.

AgaĊšwiejko said...

they are beautiful!! will they appear in your etsy shop?
keep your blocks tidy because I want a broche!! ;)