Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Goody Gumdrops!

My skin is stupidly sensitive and dry, so much so that the recent cold weather had me breaking out in a rash all over. At least, that's my theory; the doctor was mystified, and none of the apparently quite rare and specialised anti-histamines he prescribed made a dent in the itchiness.

What did make a difference was coconut oil, both straight from the tub and in this amazing salve. (This is the only moisturising thing I've ever tried that has worked for more than an hour. If you don't like greasy skin, it's probably not for you, but me, I pray for greasy skin.)

I've also been looking at foods that are supposed to help skin health. As much kale and butternut and beetroot and tomatoes as I can carry home, obviously, and coconut oil in my coffee (yum!) and - gelatin. Grassfed marrow bones are on order, for evilly dense stocks, but in the meantime Sour Gummy Sweets are pretty delicious. I used plain old supermarket gelatin instead of grassfed (because...where?) and golden syrup instead of honey (because... fodmaps) and whatever silicon moulds we have instead of super-cute ones (but I'm looking for some). They're so easy to make! And soothing for sore throats, too.


Jane McLellan said...

I hope they do the trick to get rid of your rash!! Pretty, too.

Cristina said...

My oldest is also with the crises....hope you get well and thank you for the list of foods, let's try!!!
Recipe for those gummy?

Keri said...

Hey, you should look into Moms Stuff from the US. It is a bit pricy, but wonderful! I use it on kids rashes, bug bits, dry skin