Friday, 10 January 2014

This Year's Calendar

My pick for the best free printable calendar for 2014 is this one by Mira Moln:

It's A4, it's simple, I can read the dates from across the room. The months and days of the week are in Swedish, but it's nice sometimes to have a reminder that the whole world isn't English-speaking.

There were some other candidates, I almost picked this one by Francesca Lancisi, also A4 and clean, with some really lovely illustrations, but the vertical instead of horizontal format for the days might be upsetting, at least for me. (Format is really important. I spent a week waffling about buying a different format of diary from my usual one. Then I did. Now I've spent a week regretting it. I hope I'll get used to it.)

Lastly, this one from Tim Denee is too good not to have, so I'm printing it out for the kitchen. I'm sure we need a calendar there. It comes in a southern hemisphere or northern hemisphere format, so you can choose the one that matches your weather patterns!

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Heloise said...

Hi Jesse - happy new year. I particularly like the idea of a hemisphere specific calender - it somehow has a sense of place that I like.