Monday, 12 May 2014

Things I've Made

It's almost 8 years since I started this blog! In that time, I've made a lot of things, though sometimes it feels as if I haven't done anything at all; so I stuck everything on a Pinterest board.

There are loads of things I'd forgotten about - it's quite surprising to find some of them again.


Jane McLellan said...

Yes, a blog is a great way to keep track of what you've been doing!

Susan Scott said...

What a great idea! So fun to look at everything all together.

Anairam said...

Wow - you have been very busy and productive in the 8 years! I particularly like the embroidered felt sheep, the pen and ink drawings, the linocuts, and oh, and that beautiful crocheted hat ... By the way, I have just bought some linocut tools and lino - I am really keen to start making linocuts. Any advice for a beginner?