Friday, 2 June 2017

The Day The Sun Went Away

A story I illustrated last year for African Storybook. I wasn't entirely happy with the finished drawings, but since then I've learnt a lot more about digital colouring. So I reworked them with my new Krita skills.*

One day the sun told everyone she was going to visit her sister Moon.

The clouds were very sad. The mountains put on their white scarves.

The trees were angry and threw their leaves about.

 The clouds were even sadder.

They started crying.

Soon there was water everywhere.

Sun's holiday was over and she kissed her sister goodbye.

Everyone was very happy to see her again.

The trees put out new leaves.

The clouds ran away to play.

New plants sprung up.

Everyone was happy.

(I'm afraid I've paraphrased as I can't find the original text.)

*Krita is a free painting program, and so much fun.

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