Friday 24 April 2009

Fashion Exchange

My new Converse, matching rather well with some gorgeous giftwrap*. Metal tips on the laces - cool!

If you're not feeling up to hacking up old clothes to make new ones, consider attending the Fashion Exchange party on the 9th of May at Cafe Sofia in Rondebosch, Cape Town.

From the website: "You arrive at the venue with a maximum of 6 unwanted, lightly worn or new, clothes and accessories. All the items are screened upon arrival and we have the right to refuse certain items to ensure a consistent quality standard is maintained (see FAQs for a detailed list of what we accept). You are given buttons in relation to the number of items you bring – 1 button for each item – which you will use to “buy” other garments and accessories."

Tickets to the event are available online - check the Fashion Exchange site for details. Sounds like fun!

* More info about the giftwrap, designed by Kelly Hyatt, here. It comes in several beautiful colours.


  1. That looks like fun, pitty that i can't go.

  2. we all suspected you were very cool - but now, with the shoes, it has been confirmed! Cool wrapping paper too!

  3. I love Durban, but Cape Town really rocks! We don't seem to do all these cool things here like craft afternoons at bookshops and clothes swapping parties!

  4. Are those leather Converse??? How cool....

  5. The Converse are so cool. And the giftwrap is great - I posted about it last year -

    - and still have it up in my study!