Thursday, 2 November 2006

Neighbourgoods market

A photo Heather took of my dolls at the market on Saturday. She has more photos on her blog.

From top LH corner, clockwise: Medina's cushions, Hannah's bowls, Heather's kiddie shirts, my dolls, Jenny's dolls. (Have a look at Jenny's paintings here.)

Not sure about the display - I thought the dolls would look sweet all huddled together in a box, but turns out you can't see them that well. We'll have to think of something else for the next one.

I only sold one doll at the market, but yesterday I sold ten (TEN!!!) to a shop. I'll have to make more to fill another order for next week, and so far none of the knitters I've managed to find have been very productive. Which means that the house won't be cleaned this weekend.


Heather Moore said...

Yeah! 10 dolls! Go Jesse! Skapie to take over the worlllllddd!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe as time draws nearer to Xmas your critters will be leaving home as soon as they leave the needles. You just never can tell though can you, and 10 sold shortly'll do well, they are addictive. There is a market, maybe selling to the shops works better for you and them than the markets???? I wish you all the very best....will get back to you abou the leaf ears in time I think...need more details though, I'm only a beginner and trying to emulate your work for my charity work.