Thursday, 2 November 2006

New badges

Some new ideas for badges - with off-centre designs to counter the upsetting off-centredness of the finished badges. I'm still fiddling with colours. Looks like I really like pink this week.


suzanne said...

Hey Jesse, these are beautiful. And I've really been enjoying your knitted creatures!

Spray Glue said...

These are some great designs! Could you do fabric buttons? With your made up characters stitched on them, or even coming off them slightly..if you know what I mean?


Jesse said...

Thank you!
If I didn't dislike sewing, I could....hmmmm..... Big metal buttons for covering, tiny bits of felt, scraps of embroidery cotton - I'm tempted.
Mind you, decoupage with fabric is really fun, and not as horrible as it sounds. I might have to try it.