Sunday, 11 February 2007

Hot Feet

There hasn't been much knitting going on here for a while, but I fixed that this weekend with my secret sock solution. I loved these new shoes, but on really hot days - well, things became a little unfriendly. Using this pattern for Mary Jane slippers, I tried them in bamboo (because there was some lying around), leaving off the strap. Bamboo seems to take a long time to dry after washing, and has no memory, so I tried cotton, making the heel shallower and the toe shorter.

There were some attempts to make pretty socks that would show a picot edge around top of the shoe, but they came to nothing except some colourful cussing.

And these are crochet-covered badges with beads crocheted in. Not too sure about the end result, but it was worth trying as an experiment.


Heather Moore said...

Hey, what a pretty post! I love those sock photos.


I LOVE the crochet covered badges!!! They would make such a good art piece on a white plate or something!!