Monday, 7 May 2007

Cutting It Fine

Trawling through other bloggers' links lists is one of my favourite occupations, and that's how I found How about orange... (via Skinny laMinx) and this post about kirigami.

I got a kirigami calendar about 2 years ago; I've been working my way through it slowly, sticking the results up on the cupboard in my studio. Initially I wanted to be terrribly restrained and elegant about the placement of the cutouts, but it was all too much fun and the colours got the better of me.

Other things I did this weekend: all of Sunday was spent making a curtain. Just one.
In my defence, this curtain is lined and has a casing at the hem to thread a light chain through for weight. And tags on the inside to tie the chain in place.

On Saturday I wrote a comic about 2 pieces of toast talking to each other.

Things may be starting to happen in the world of the knitting comic, too:


suzanne said...

Your kirigami cutouts are beautiful! Are they cut from origami style paper or from something with a heavier weight?

Jesse said...

Thanks! It's quite light paper, probably less than 100g.