Friday, 10 August 2007

Ag, Shame! *

* This is South African for something like 'Aawwww....!'


doodlebug said...

i really like the composition of the swing cutting her off from those other mean girls.

hope those last 20 pages are going well.

i'd be interested in seeing the recipe for those lovely stripey mitts when you're all done. hope you sold lots at the fair.

Jesse said...

Thank you! The swing was actually an afterthought, because the frame looked a bit empty, and luckily I thought of something that added to the story.

The mitts are here

(I'm hoping to make more, to squeeze the last little bit out of winter!)

doodlebug said...

ah ! i called it a 'recipe' trying to be a little bit funny - and that's exactly how you had referred to it !
your dog is beautiful i am very jealous.

thank you - i'll show when i've made some mittens

Anonymous said...