Friday, 31 August 2007


My new socks: Baudelaire by Cookie A. They've taken many months; I bought the wool about a year ago! Only tried them on when I was well past the heel on the first one, and realised I needed to make the medium size, not the small. I'm quite proud of myself that I ripped it and started again.... maybe now I'll learn to swatch for socks. (Hmm... maybe not.)

The lace pattern is easy to memorise, despite what I initially thought was a counter-intuitive decrease. And I learned how to do a sewn bind-off.

Strangely enough, that's the same sock in both pictures. Got a lot to learn about lighting.


Cristina said...

Those socks are so beautiful :)
So are we going to take a quik educational program about taking photos ;)
Have you seen in my blog the diferent colors in the botle cozy. Aparently i was doing 2 at the same time! hehehehehe

Francesca said...

oh my god those socks are gorgeous. so so clever...and patient!