Thursday, 30 August 2007

Up and running away with it

Thank you for the sensible replies to my dilemma in the last post! Random does seem to be the best way to go.

I grabbed something off the list and started. Printing with lino blocks on fabric. Clearly my registration process needs some thought, mainly because I don't have one, and some of the blocks need to be cleaned up a bit more, and I really should iron the fabric before printing on it, but I think this is could be something worth pursuing. I used paint I already had, printed on some scrap calico, and a block from another printing project, to which I added the leaves and the outline.

Researching block-printed fabric led me to this amazing blog. Jodi Green is, as part of her MFA thesis, wearing only clothes that she's made and printed. Go here to see photos of her wardrobe project.


hannah said...

J, m'dear, they look GREAT! Well done, chica...I think I like the two-colour (or even just black - love the leaves) the best...yay!

Cristina said...

all of them look lovely.
Iron wath is that when you just want to creat ;)

kathryn said...

it's beautiful !
and i think the wonky registration adds a certain charm. i wish i had space to play around with some stuff like that - it looks so much fun.

Jesse said...

Thank you! I like the wonky registration too, but it could be a little less wonky.

You don't need a lot of space for this; I'm working on my kitchen table. If you don't have pets, the floor is actually the best place to work, because you can stand on the blocks to get a good printing pressure. Lack of space is one of the reasons I decided to tackle this - I couldn't possibly silkscreen in the kitchen.

Heather Moore said...

Jesse, these are BEAUTIFUL! Wow, I go away for a week and you finish a comic, salt a pork (!), knit socks, print fabric - you're a force of nature!
See you soon,