Friday, 28 September 2007


Two more bags, finished, tagged and ready for the market tomorrow. They're lined, with a pocket inside, and each strap sewn on in three separate places, because I'm finicky about that sort of thing.


Heather Moore said...

Wow, the labels were for THESE bags??? They're fabulous!! Can't wait for the market tomorrow.

hannah said...

Jesse, the bags and the tags are wonderful! I just snuck a peak, and my oh my oh my. And your poncho...! And your door and floor (bag shot)! I want everything!! Are you making the bags regularly, then? If so, please earmark one for me. I LOVE the one that your sister sewed...absolutely lovely design and colors. YUM.
And thanks for the nice words about women24... : ) it's good to know who's reading and looking...good luck with the market of these days I'll roll in there, and push everyone out of my way to get to you guys!xH

Cristina said...

Must i say more?
Cute..... and maybe a little bit more Cute......yes they are really cute! ok i'm done here.
No wait did i forgot to say that are cute ;)

Freshly Found said...

Those labels look delightful on your beautiful bags!

natascha said...

These bags are beautiful!