Friday, 21 September 2007


One thing I've thought of doing with the fabrics I've printed so far. My sister made the bag, because to me sewing is a mysterious, unpredictable craft (though I'm trying to learn).

Here's an extra shot to show the nifty corners of the bag, and also what we're up against in terms of renovating our house. But that's another story!


janine de waal said...

I think the bags are really super! A fantastic application of your fabric designs.

suzanne said...

Hi Jesse!
I have a brief moment of 'online-ness' (having been offline for a few weeks) and have so enjoyed catching up on your blog - your beautiful knitted creatures, printed fabrics, superb comics 'tutorial' and fab buttons! It's all so inspiring and will keep me going for the next couple of weeks of 'offline-ness' (sounds like an evil monster or a disease)... thanks!

natascha said...

Looks pretty!