Tuesday, 25 September 2007

2 Questions

What do you do when you have a book deadline, a market coming up on Saturday, and a Great Big Secret Thing to work on? Why, you decide that you simply cannot live without some lacy cotton facecloths. So you make them.

My other question is not for the queasy: How big do dust bunnies have to get before they could possibly attain consciousness? I'm trying to work out how much time I have left before I absolutely have to deal with them....

edit: see a dust bunny in captivity on wish jar ! Mine are about that size, which means there's still time. If they're easy to catch, they're not very clever yet.


kathryn said...

beautiful :)
sounds like you just have too many nice things to do.

i have 5 weeks until MA show and found time to make 2 and a half pairs of your 'winter mitts' so far this week.

you can see here http://www.ravelry.com/projects/doodlebug/mitts

thanks for the recipe - i never would have figured out how to do thumbs ! but it seems obvious now.

good luck doing all the stuff.

Cristina said...

With all those things to do, i would make a coffee, and smoke a cigarret, yes i do still have that on my need to think, and pick up a piece of paper and write some new things to do. That sounds crazy, but ussualy that's what i do, and then i realise i still have a lot of unfinished things to do, so i put the list to hold, and pick up the first ones again. Crazy me!

Heather Moore said...

I ahven't read wish jar before. It's a delight! Thanks so much for that link (now watch my productivity dive - also pre-market, mid-deadline. Aargh!)

Francesca said...

you're so clever. love 'em.