Thursday, 20 December 2007


I'm feeling like I've earned my sewing stripes today. Not because I managed to make these patched purses (though I'm fairly shocked that they worked) but because I broke a needle! Yep, my first one. Sewed recklessly across a zip, something went 'Thunk!', something landed on the far side of the room, and the pointy bit of the needle was left dangling from a thread. I took a breath, cursed mildly, replaced the needle, and carried on sewing at the same breakneck speed. And I know, because I've seen them, that this is how real sewing people do it.

In case you're still wrapping presents, or in fact making them, or even still thinking about where to buy them, Amy from angry chicken has made some really useful gift tags to download.


Cristina said...

They are very cute. you shore are in the pursuit of the perfect mini purse. that is a good way of using your leftovers from your big bags ;)

Heather Moore said...

Very nice! And isn't it great to wear specs when doing reckless sewing? No worries of eyeball impalation, yeah!

Freshly Found said...

Tarrraaaaah! Tarrraaaaah!
I am still hoping to become a reckless "crocheter" one day!

Francesca said...

sweet! that's really something jesse, designing and printing your own fabric and then making the purses.

Sonya said...

Lovely purses.Sewing stripes - you make me smile. If that's what it takes, I have a whole amrful of them - Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

"And I know, because I've seen them, that this is how real sewing people do it."
Yes you are right!! Sometimes there isnt even time to shout because you have to make a deadline and you have only a few hours to go!!