Monday, 28 January 2008


Saturday's Neighbourgoods Market was pretty quiet and very hot, but still fun. See Heather trying not to wilt in the heat*. I must've been a bit dizzy, because none of my shots properly included the bunting strung above the stall. We survived thanks to large glasses of icy tomato juice, amaretti ice-cream, and iced coffee, imbibed at decent intervals.

My dolls seemed to be having a good time, reclining on the cushions I made for them (see this post for a better shot of the cushions), and guarding that market breakfast staple, a pastel de nata.

*my turn to be in the pictures next time.


Cristina said...

What a breakfast, pasteis de nata, what a finesse ;) Love those cushions, just love them.

Freshly Found said...

Now we know what that was for!!!!!
The market looks like so much fun.
The custard tarts look so delish a good high protein breakfast!