Wednesday, 19 March 2008

We have a piano!

Trying to get the dog to play it so he can be a huge hit on YouTube, but he's not very interested.

Thanks for all the comments on yesterday's post! I should have mentioned that the stencil is about 45cm across. What you couldn't see was the really impressive maths part of it. For unfathomable 'artistic' reasons I wanted to divide the circle into sixths, rather than quarters or eighths that I could have determined by simple folding. Had to call in people with engineering degrees, and google sines and cosines, and have resolved to buy a protractor before the next one.


Freshly Found said...

Jesse - that stencil - you are so hugely, enormouly talented. A good maths brain on top of it all! Living in that environment your dog is sure to be playing the piano soon!

Anonymous said...

love your blog and your work on etsy! keep the goods coming!