Monday, 2 June 2008

Rooms on View - knitting

The last bit of work I did for Rooms on View - a coffee pot cosy - being snuck up on. Unfortunately I had to pose it on a red pot for these shots, because that's all I had at home, but I did get hold of a black one for the show. The colours were dictated by the plates we made. The grey is a Shetland wool, the yellow something a bit more machine-washable, but also wool. It's really thick; the stitch pattern involves knitting 5 rows of stocking stitch, then changing colours and picking up stitches from 5 rows down - anyone have a name for this pattern?

There's a gap at the front for the spout, and cool yellow vintage buttons going up the back.


Knitsonya said...

I just can't help commenting. Those buttons. And the stitch pattern - both perfect!

smin said...

I loved your work at 'Rooms on View' this past weekend! I recognised both yours and heather's display immediately.
The plates together with the napkins worked beautifully.
The only complaint was that the designer's names were all so discretely hidden. I didn't even realise that you had done the knitting as well!

kat said...

This looks really complicated to produce, but how beautiful!

Freshly Found said...

What luscious texture! My fingers itch to touch!

lula cat said...

oh wow!!
this is gorgeous, i love love love the buttons!