Monday, 7 July 2008

Good weekend!

In between drawing leaves and working on more ceramics to restock Nest, I found time this weekend to do a whole of bunch things that have been nagging at me. I replaced the fabric on this chair, using two teatowels I bought years ago.

I made big squishy feather cushions for the couch from vintage cloth I've been saving for ever. (Actually, there's about a month between those two cushions. That's how long it takes to finish things around here.)

I framed this print using a leftover frame from Nest - I measured wrong, the framers measured wrong, but no sense letting a good frame go to waste. The print is by John Moore, from a print exchange I participated in in 1995.

And perhaps most importantly, I made one of these, using these brilliant instructions. Mine is made with two narrow cardboard tubes, because that's all I could find at home; I'll be making more as soon as I track down 'pipe foam'. Pool noodles would be perfect, but they're not exactly in season right now.


Miss 376 said...

What a productive weekend, love it when so many things come together.
Those cushions look great

Knitsonya said...

Hey I was covering chairs this weekend too. Love what you've done and doesn't it feel great to cross things off your list?

lori said...

as always everything looks great. I would love those cushions. They sound really cozy.

mizu designs said...

Gorgeous chair!
Do you also call those door stoppers 'snakes' like we do in Australia? Or something else? Ours are usually filled with sand I think.

Wendren said...

Love the cushions.