Friday, 4 July 2008

More Nest (and then that's it!)

Bunnies, bunnies , everywhere... work by Janine de Waal and Homebakes among others.

Cushions and polar bear feet... Helen Melon, Colleen Roberts, more Homebakes

Painting by Alta Stegman

Skinny laMinx's papercut flowers

Some pen and ink drawings of mine that didn't make it onto the blog before they were framed

A glass of milk, a glass of water

And a linoprint.


lula cat said...

Ah! everything looks so fantastic! I can't believe I missed the opening!! I love your glasses print they're so pretty!

Andrea said...

The lino print came out lovely Jesse. And that drawing on the right (circle format)looks so cool.
Thanks for showing them :)

Wendren said...

Wonderful to see. Thanks.

Erin said...

jesse, that lino came out beautiful! at first glance, i thought the circular pen and ink was done on a mirror... oh, i'd loooove to have a mirror like that. your art always amazes me. it's so precise and clean. i love it.

Heather Moore said...

Such lovely photos of nest!