Friday, 12 December 2008

Etsy SA on The Storque

An article about South Africa Etsy sellers on The Storque, Etsy's blog. It's part of the Shop Local series. Have a look at some of the previous entries while you're there; it's fascinating to see where the goods on Etsy come from.

Thanks so much to Etsy for featuring us!

*** I'll be adding some notebooks to my Etsy shop this weekend - maybe even tonight. They'd be there already, but I made adjustments to the pattern and then forgot, and sewed all the covers up in a marathon session, and then... yup, I blame the Cape Town wind.


Yardwork said...

Loved the article - nice to put the faces to the names. South Africa looks beautiful.

and your notebooks look fabulous.

ruby in the dust said...

good on you :) a very nice article: you made me homesick once again!! local is lekker ne.

Anna Betts said...

Lovely article, I was born in Cape Town but haven't been back since we moved to England when I was 2. Great to see all the beautiful things people are making :)