Thursday, 11 December 2008

Etsy to the rescue

Photo credits belong to each shop

Left t0 right, top to bottom: alpaca from Laughing Rat Studio; silk from The Fiber Denn Lace; reclaimed cashmere from Cashmere Deja Vu; reclaimed Shetland wool from Trigger-Happy Fibers; recycled silk and cashmere from Refiber; recycled silk and cotton from Refiber; recycled silk from The Twice Sheared Sheep; recycled Merino wool from The Twice Sheared Sheep

Lace weight anything doesn't seem to be easily available in South Africa. I wasted time going to wool shops, phoning suppliers, trying to decode manufacturers' websites (and Ebay), before remembering - Etsy!

There's almost too much available, at good prices, reasonable shipping, and best of all, lots of it is reclaimed. I have a real weakness for that. Above, some of my favourites.

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