Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Purses and recipes

I've started stocking my shop with little purses like this one. Zips? Pah! I'm so over them. (Of course I can't put zips into flat openings neatly. But perhaps I won't ever need to.)

As for recipes, I've found a few for koeksisters, some with eggs, some with buttermilk etc etc. I can vouch for the butttermilk one. What they don't all tell you, and what can only be found out from the nastier cooking sites*, is that the oil for frying should not be too hot, else the koeksisters will cook too quickly on the outside, and that they should be drowned in the syrup. Push them under and keep them there till you fear for their safety.

*The kind of sites that make you feel foolish for ever attempting anything more complicated than opening a tin, because cooking is so very difficult, and only for the gifted, and oops! these instructions just slipped out, because they're actually very very secret. Weird.


Amy said...

Your purses are fabulous Jesse!
I love them!! x.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Amy - your purses are great! I like the 'two-tone' use of your printed fabrics very much.

Anairam said...

Thanks for those links. When I feel brave and a bit vicious I will try them! Drown, koeksisters, drown!! PS Lovely purse!

kat said...

Wow. Well done on the koeksisters. And I know which sites you mean - the kind that make you feel if you're not quite Delia or Martha then don't bother spending time in the kitchen!