Friday, 31 July 2009

Birthday Flowers

It's become a habit for me to miss my blog anniversary; it's been going for 3 years this month (and remembering on the last day of the month isn't too bad, actually). So to celebrate, how about a giveaway? How about one of my new ceramic transfer brooches, so new they're not even in my shop yet?

If you'd like this little brooch, leave me a comment with a link to your favourite recipe, knitting pattern, sewing tutorial, gardening advice - you get the idea. Links are what blogging's all about, so spoil me! I'll pick a winner randomly from a hat on the 7th of August.

See how versatile the colour scheme is! You can wear it with anything.


patricia said...

Happy blogiversary!
This paper lamp shade is one I've been wanting to try for quite some time. I happen to find this tutorial just recently:

siblingmine said...

Congrats on three years - that's impressive.

I tried this out and can't stop making them
Gorgeous table top trimmings :)

L'Atelier said...

3 years! very impressive

my favourite knitting pattern i found and am considering buying is:

and how about some eye candy?

one of my favorite artist that blog:
happy weekend

Stephanie Kim said...

happy anniversary! this is such a cute idea!

enid said...

Happy birthday what a lovely blog you have created -so inspiring. I will give you my best book link and then listen to the audios . I just love the reviews and interviews - not a blog I know but here's a blog

Cristina said...

Congrats for your blog, 3 years already... :)

Now the link that i've started to fall in love with is this site
The ideas here are just wonderfull
And i just tried this little baskets

That are just adorable.
Have a nice weekend :)

Michelle | Cicada Studio said...

Happy Blogday! Wow 3! You're growing up so fast. :)

*veriword is 'trucker'. Not sure it means anything special, but it's fun when it's actually a real word.

Billy said...

Happy Blogversary!

At this point I have no links to leave you but wanted to wish you the best nevertheless. Please continue, I love reading it!

Dee Beale said...

Well happy birthday to you Jezzeblog, after trawling through my obscene amount of bookmarks I thought you might like this one It's a bit like trainspotting for printmakers...

D. Burgos said...

Oooh boy, I hope I'm the lucky guy! I'm an avid knitter of vintage stuff, so here's some links to the surprisingly easy stuff I've found:

Three Way Pullover

Tweed Sweater in Glow Crinkle (a simple tee with a chevron in front)

Jiffy Sweater (like the 3-Hour Sweater but a bit more refined)

third bird said...

Happy blog bithday!!

This would have to be the cutest tutorial i've come accross lately. Who wouldn't want to make a fabric house?
Enjoy :)

Inklore said...

oh hooray! i love the new brooch :)
i really want to find the time to make some of these for the winter

mizu designs said...

Happy blogoversary to you!

I really love Geninne's tute on cutting rubber stamps:

Hope you do too!

Fulvia Luciano, artist said...

Congratulations, Jesse. Lovely work again. I look forward to seeing what you do about the screens next.

Copper Patch said...

I've just found you so I guess I have THREE years to look over! Congratulations on reaching such a milestone - I started mine 3 days ago :)
My link would be this great bag pattern from Ric Rac. Quick and easy and looks great.


ibb said...

Congratulations Jesse,
love this chocolate cockies receip in this blog.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to just come up with one link--so here's just one favorite
Love to read the books along with eating her favorites. Cute cute pins, I want to try it out!

Fault Rocks said...

I'm obsessed with this pattern ... but haven't got a clear vision for colour yet or how it will fit me... and winter is nearly over.

Sorry I keep missing all the knitting gatherings, I will keep trying. I love your brooch and your blog.

Anairam said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Jezze! My link unfortunately is not to a handcraft or recipe, but to this really interesting article in the Washington post which kind of gives food for thought! It is how a great violinist (Joshua Bell) performed incognito at the station in Washington, and was basically ignored by commuters.

lula cat said...

happy birthday blog!
um, this link has a bunch of coolness on it and this sounds real good!


Anja said...

Happy Blog Birthday!
This guy is really cute and quick:

Freshly Found said...

Happy Birthday to your blog! There are many of us who are soooo happy that you started blogging 3 years ago and have kept at it! What a great idea to ask for links.
Here is one I have been meaning to try for a while: Leaf Printing:

christina said...

Wat 'n mooi gedagte om iets weg te gee wanneer jou blog verjaar! Baie geluk!

Ek gee graag die link :
Dit is 'n gusteling lente trui vir my met sy vloeiende vry lyne.

Kate said...

At the moment I'm really enjoying Simon Armstrong's blog from the Design Museum in London. Always a good read.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogbirthday!

I've been lurking here for a good few months, so I suppose this is the best time to show my face and say hello. And thanks for all the beautiful work you've shared over the years.
I've been a big fan ever since I first saw your drawings in Bitterkomix.

I've been obsessed with crochet and granny square blankets over the last few weeks, I've never done either before in my life, but between the YouTube tutorials (is there anything you can't find on YouTube?) and this page (
I'm getting there.

kez said...

Congrats on the 3 years!
Myself & a friend have just recently started a blog & I'm LOVING IT!! ("ladies peculiar" if you're interested)

Anyway, I recently came across THE most fabulous gardening book known to man (or woman), usually I find gardening books boring & long-winded but this one is fab and very well-written. So I dont really know if this counts but this is the site and even if you don't have green fingers (I dont) this book can remedy that. (PS if you go to Readers Warehouse you can get it for a steal!!)

Thanks for the great blog!!

Jesse said...

Kes, I bought that book about 2 weeks ago! It's really inspiring and already useful (didn't know seedlings should be put outside for a bit before transplanting....)