Thursday, 2 July 2009


Meet my new BFF, affectionately known as Struwwelpeter (don't click the link if you're squeamish). I could be imagining it, but this heavy metal implement seems to hurt my hands a lot less than the lighter, mostly plastic ones.


Anonymous said...

We had a copy of that book, and I looked at it a lot when I was a little girl. It terrified me. I remember being particularly scared of a picture of a fire monster bursting out of a fire place. The cutting off of fingers was memorable, and there was a story of a little girl who was so proud of her red shoes that she ended up as a little pile of ashes. Horrible nasty book. But fascinating.
(But then...the other book I was fascinated with as a little girl was about Hieronymus Bosch)

Anja said...

I was an avid thumb sucker as a child and was always threatened that Schneider meck meck meck would cut them off if I kept it up. Luckily I still have my thumbs!
But your scissors still make my hair stand on end.

Live.Love.Maria said...

I am from Germany, and of course I read it as a kid. Scared me like cray. I remember crying every time I read the story of the girl burning to death after playing with matchsticks.

Sonya said...

I saw a musical/opera inspired by Struwwelpeter. It was the first time I had heard of him.