Tuesday, 15 December 2009


A beautiful piece of tatting from Jane, who makes me want to learn how to tat this well. A scented stamp from Pavinee, who keeps me drawing; I want to draw lines as fluid as hers.


Krystle said...

That is beautiful tatting for sure!

nicole said...

Well, Tatting's just knots, anyone can do it ;-)

Have you seen the online Tatting classes? http://www.georgiaseitz.com/
Have a look, that site is amazing!

I just started a bit of tatting again after years and reading patterns is a bit hard still, especially things I rarely did and can't remember how they were done *lol* But I've finished a bookmark for my mum for Christmas and now I'm using the leftover thread for one for myself.

I love that my 2 y.o. can mess with it and nothing can happen. I stopped knitting socks after she pulled all needles out of a sock three times in a row!

CrowNology said...

So pretty.

pilarcat said...

I have just learned that this kind of work is called tatting. Very delicate work.

Glad the stamp's scent is still on :-)