Monday, 14 December 2009

A Good Hat

Anna Bell's Witterings hat has been on my knitting list for years; I'm onto my second one already, in black and white, and thinking that black and red stripes would also be good. Or yellow. Blue and green?

It's very easy to knit, with the only tricky bits being in the finishing. I kept losing my place on the recommended bind-off, so put alternate stitches on 2 circular needles and grafted the hem. I threaded plastic-coated laundry cord through the brim, which is perhaps a bit heavy, and will try lawn-trimmer cord on the next one. (Yes, I have a stash of that. From making circular needles. Long ago.)

On a less glamourous model, but a better shot of the colour. The green is DK cotton, the white 4-ply, but that didn't seem to affect the gauge much.


Freshly Found said...

I am interested in what you used to stiffen the brim! What a good idea. I searched all over for milliner's wire for the hat I am crocheting - It does not seem to exist. Eventually I bought some boning, but have not inserted it yet!

Mette said...

Fantastic hat and thanks for showing. I agree that lawn-trimmer cord will make it that bit lighter - but I love it as it is already!

As soon as Christmas is over I would like to knit one myself - one in purple and red or black and coffee brown.
.. and thanks by the way for the idea of using lawn-trimmer cord, I have had sooo many projects where I have wondered what to use for the edging. Skirts, brims, butterfly wings and so on.

CrowNology said...

A beautiful hat indeed!

Anonymous said...

Love the hat--you did a beautiful job

jen said...

fabulous hat..thanks for the link...with summer holidays on the way i think i might have to try one of many hours were involved???