Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Possibly the best post day ever.

All these things arrived in the post today:

A copy of the September/October Crochet Today with a pic of my buttons!

A stamp set from Yardwork!

More great postcards!

And even more!


alex sunday said...

i love 'oh hello there'!

Mi-ju said...

Congratulations! :) Really good day !

L'Atelier said...

the buttons are just so super cool!
the stamp set so desirable

but i got to say i feeling a bit of post envie over here....;)

mizu designs said...

Yay for the post! Those socks in your previous post are fab and I wish I had you knitting powers.

painted fish studio said...

hooray for a happy mail day!

tjou-tjou said...

well done on the buttons! aaa, ek sien 'n poskaart uitsteek, lieflik.
hou lekker langnaweek.

andrea said...

those stamps are calling out to me Jesse :) So beautiful...have fun with them!

creativegirl said...

I love good mail!
Yay for your feature in Crochet Today!
Yay! I see my postcard :)

Freshly Found said...

What a bumper load of good news and inspiration!