Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Shop Talk

I've opened another online shop, this one for South Africans. You'll be able to see prices in ZAR, and pay in ZAR, immediately, without having to email me, wait for a response, do a bank transfer, mail me proof of payment.... Oh, and you won't have to figure out the exchange rate first either. Phew!

If you're interested in setting up your own shop, got to Ammo and sign up.

It's still in development, so I won't lie and say it was dead easy to set up. I sobbed into my keyboard more than once; hence the minimalist look of my shop. Not a design decision, more an attempt to mess with things as little as possible. But if you know even a little bit about CSS (I don't), you'll have a much easier ride.

(I'll have these new gift tags listed in both my shops pretty soon.)


P&H Design said...

This sounds so exciting, well done Jesse, going over to Ammo right now to check it out...Helg's

Alan A said...

Hi Jesse

Glad you like it: we're still working on quite a couple of aspects, and thanks to feedback from you guys the app, and the stores are always improving.

I made a small change to the CSS and now your product & range names are hidden; so you don't have to white them out, and everything looks a little better too, from a spacing point of view.

So far so good,

Jesse said...

Ah, of course! That's why the green comic thumbnail didn't sit properly - the title was too long. Thank you very much!

Beverley said...

LOL, I almost cried too! I tried to get rid of my headings too but didn't think to make them white... Alan is this resolved as an option - no headings? Jesse LOVE your new heart ribbon!

Danya Ristić said...

Looks good, well done! These gift tags are great too, such fun.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, very exciting - congratulations on the new "local shop for local people" (couldn't resist the League of Gentlemen reference :)
Great gift tags too!

Sarah said...

Well done, Jesse! Looks awesome :)