Monday, 1 August 2011

It's all ready!

Some bleary-eyed shots of some of the things I've sent up to Decorex:

fabric panels;

 covered books;

 storage baskets that are lined with woollen fabric reclaimed from old coats;

 cushions and cushion covers;

 buttons (and how I wished for little elves to sew them on to cards for me);

and ribbons.

Now to quickly rearrange my website to accommodate Henri Kuikens before Decorex starts. Watch this space (but, um, don't look yet).


Maca said...

congrats jezze!!!!!!!! love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosie said...

Wow, it all looks amazing. I'm loving your vintage pattern lady in green...simply gorgeous.

emily b said...

Wow, fabulous! I don't think I could choose a favorite. Congrats!

Jan | Daisy Janie said...

Everything looks yummy! You've been super busy!!! Way to go, Jesse! That last pic, of the ribbons draped over the drying rack, is so poetic to me.

Kayanna said...

My goodness, these are all so beautiful! I agree with Jan, the ribbons on the drying rack are incredibly lovely. Great, great work!

L'Atelier said...

they look fabulous!

fierce_bunny said...


Am loving your fabrics and would covet some cushions. Do you sell them somewhere in CT area? I've looked in your local shop section but you don't have them there.

let me know, you can mail me at


Cupcake Couture said...

Totally in love with all of this! Truly beautiful! x