Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Encyclopaedia of Dreariness

Drawings of pictures from a dull brown 1971 encyclopaedia.

My latest Bad Water drawing refused to turn out well, regardless of how much I scribbled on it - and believe me, I scribbled. Just don't seem to know when to give up. Anyway, I finished it before throwing it away.

For light relief, I'm drawing my way through volume D of an old encyclopaedia. I'm not sure where it's all going, but it keeps the hands moving.


flowerpress said...

Love this, sounds like fun!

sakurasnow said...

Wonderful drawings, and a great idea to work through a section of an encyclopaedia for light drawing relief... I think I'll try this next time I'm a bit stuck with a drawing! I recognise Devil's Peak but am intrigued to know which 'Ds' the two gentlemen are? (Actually, the guy top left looks a little too 'sinister' to be a gentleman! ;)