Thursday, 6 December 2012

Colouring-in Cards

Colouring-in is the drawing equivalent of the Nice British Lady Detective Novel. It's not too demanding, yet not completely mindless either. It feels faintly productive, but you can daydream while you're doing it. It's relaxing, and pleasant, and good for making a bit of space in your head, good for untangling other thoughts.

So I made some colouring-in cards:

They're printed on a lovely thick uncoated paper, that has just enough of a tooth for pencil crayons, and goes well with the squiggly dip pen lines.

By happy accident, the ink is not only waterproof, but slightly water repellent too. So paint right over the lines - they tidy themselves up.

I tested pencil crayons, gouache and watercolours. There's a bit of buckling from the wet paint, nothing that a night under a phone book won't fix. (Because you do still have phone books, right? For this sort of thing.)

I've listed these in my Etsy shop and some of my local shops as a set with envelopes. They're thick enough to work as postcards, but you'll have to draw the lines on the back yourself. While my original plan was to make postcards, I'm not sure anyone buys stamps and posts postcards these days, and great-aunt Edith might feel a bit miffed if the card you stick on her present has postcard lines on the back.

But let me know what you think; if you'd prefer to buy them without envelopes, and a touch cheaper, it can be done.

Oh, and did I mention that they're sort of educational, too? I mean, they're more or less made-up insects, but all the bits are in the right places.


Cristina said...

Very pretty and cute. Wish you all the luck in the world.

sakurasnow said...

These are amazing Jesse! Your linework is so beautiful... and your pencil crayon colouring is exquisite. That red butterfly is like stained-glass - beautiful!

Jane McLellan said...

Great idea. Only my colouring in wouldn't look like your colouring in!

Danya Ristić said...

What a good idea, these are great! I don't think they need to be cheaper, and the envelopes are a nice touch.

If you made a similar thing out of your 'wreath' linocut pattern, that would be lovely too!

The Handmaden said...

Love them! Your colouring in looks awesome!

Seamingly Sarah said...

lovely! i love coloring in the lines in my daughter's coloring book with her crayons. it is so relaxing and just a relief to have someone else already tell me where to draw. great idea and really beautiful.

Jennifer M. said...

Very beautiful!

Roule said...

Beautiful! I really like your cards : )