Thursday, 17 July 2014

Book Dash

A few weeks ago I spent 12 straight hours in the Cape Town Central Library, making a book in a day. 

It was organised by Book Dash, and I was very lucky to be in a team with writer Liesl Jobson and designer Andy Thesen. We were given food and coffee and pencils and worked till we dropped. And tomorrow 250 kids will each get a copy of our book, A Fish and a Gift.

You can find all the latest Book Dash books here, and sign up to participate in future book dashes yourself.


Jane McLellan said...

What a great idea!

painted fish studio said...

! ! ! ! !

Alex Sunday said...

awesome project. i just adore your illustrations! your lines look so confident. do you start with sketches? or just dive right in?

Jesse said...

Thanks! Lots of sketching: small scribbly thumbnails, then full-size pencil, then inking.