Tuesday 21 August 2018

Cancer comic

Since February I've been working on a weekly comic strip about breast cancer, written by Deni Brown (who also writes Mama Taxi).

It's hosted by PinkDrive, a charity that provides free mammograms for people without medical aid - which is most people in South Africa.

Catch up on the strip here, and follow it weekly on PinkDrive's Facebook page or Instagram.

Wednesday 7 February 2018


I've become one of those people who has to say: "Sorry I haven't posted here in a while, but I've been busy on Instagram."

I'm posting there fairly often (except not now, because suddenly I have tons of conflicting deadlines, but soon). I've also noticed that I've finished a few projects since I started ignoring my blog, so I'll update those too. Soon.

Wednesday 1 November 2017

Inktober 20

My great-aunt. Inktober is officially over, but I still have a few photos to do.