Friday, 5 February 2010


Here I am blogging again... popping in to show a new block I'm working on: a koeksister (link just in case you don't know what koeksisters are). Why not keep things local?

I had such fun finding local things to take pics of for my guest post on parapluies et soleil. Cape Town is supposed to be all about the mountain and the beaches, but somehow I don't spend a lot of time in either of those places. Go and have a look at what I do see, most days.

Also weighing in on yesterday's topic of prices, Rosie at Notions - I knew I'd read another post recently, and this was it. We all seem to be struggling with similar problems; hopefully we can all resolve them.

And Thea contributed to PrintSpecs, and then wrote a lovely post on her blog about my prints!


BellaVitaInteriors said...

LOVE the koeksister! Love your work!

Danya Ristić said...

What fun to see your photos/daily sights in that guest post. Is it the way you've taken the photo, or does the Werdmuller Centre indeed have some parallels with Gehry's designs?
Good luck with the koeksister; looks like it'll come out looking great.

Anairam said...

Well, koeksisters are certainly very local! Hmmmmm, I am feeling like one right now, not one printed on fabric I am afraid, but a real one dripping with syrup!

Pinktulip said...

Yum! One of my favorite treats! Can't wait to see them on fabric. I am sure it will be similar to your chocolate prints - make my mouth literally water!