Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Very Useful Black Thing

This one's a few years old now, but I'm on the subject of knitting (and my wardrobe) so... a basic polo neck raglan that I wear all the time. Usually back to front, with the collar folded in.

It used to be a huge floppy machine-knit v-neck raglan, and belonged to a boyfriend. He left it behind when he left, and I suppose he couldn't gather up the courage to ask for it back or something. It hung around in my cupboard for a while, until one evening when I was in need of something to knit.

The thin acrylic it was made from was really crinkly, and there's no way I know of to get the kinks out. But it gave 5 x 5 rib a surprisingly lovely texture! No need to steam and stretch yarn anymore.

And no abandoned items of clothing in my cupboard that belonged to other people.


lori said...

Oh another great knit!! I love your style (what we see of it here, anyway!). Great sweater and great re-use of a discarded sweater!

kathryn said...

cool !
and one of the many things i love about knitting, it can always transform to something new.
did you make the skirt too ?