Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Sometimes when I get stuck with a drawing I just start adding things from my immediate environment. That's how my dog ends up in so many drawings.... This angle seemed to work best for the illustration, but it left the big blank space of the cupboard. Till I filled it in with tea towels.

I've already added my sewing machine to the Skinny laMinx in my home Flickr group. I wonder if this one would fit in there too?


Heather Moore said...

hee hee! You'll see at the flickr group there's a strong shared tendency not to iron tea towels. So it's particularly funny that my word veri for this comment is "pressed".

Masha said...

Ooh I love the real life aspects in your drawings. Somehow makes me feel happy, that the world you draw and the world I live in are connected. By a tea towel :)

And for Heather: is there meaning in this? My veri is "trustest"

trust, truster, trustest?

Heloise Bottomley said...

Nice illustration! Those tea towels look good in any environment.

Billy said...

That´s so much fun! Loved the illustration and the teatowels there!