Monday, 18 August 2008

Rikus Ferreira

Rikus Ferreira's show Varkore in die Skemer* opened at Curious, Whetstone and Frankley last week. The first thing you notice is a tabletop covered with folded paper pigs. Other folded paper pigs are framed on the walls.

Some details of drawings:

And of course a window full of verlepte varkblomme, curling, browning, and starting to resemble the pages the pigs are folded from.

The show is on until the 28th of August.

* Roughly translates to pig's ears in the dusk. I think.


Denise Kiggan said...

I love the folded paper pigs. Makes me think of other things to add to my folded book collection!
BTW my husband can sympathise with you and the glasses issue. He battled with his glasses, so tried a few different types of contact lenses and has gone back to glasses!

kat said...

I know Rikus so I was sorry to be away for this opening, but nice to see a glimpse of what he has done!

Anonymous said...

"varkoor / varkore" means "pig's ear" but it's also the Afrikaans name of the Carra Lilly.