Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Emile needed a new blanket. His old blanket was a grey matted affair, one of those dog blankets that's not much more than a felted mass of textile waste; hard to wash, and starting to develop holes. They're cheap enough, but I saw a chance to learn how to do the rocking stitch that proper quilters use. (I have a blogger quilt to make soon, remember?)

The stitch is both easier and more difficult than it looks, but really quite quick and not hard on the hands once you get going.

What do you mean, 'bedbeard'?


singamaraja said...

Singamaraja reading your blog

Anonymous said...

Aw, Emile is such a handsome hound! (and very well catered for in the bedding department... no wonder he's a late riser :)
And who could resist a stitch that's rocking!

Heather Moore said...

Half dog half catfish, did you say? aw, he's sweet, and has such a lovely new blankie, lucky thing!

Anairam said...

Oh, man, I am in love with your dog! I am!! (Keep him safely locked away - because you never know when Anairam-Thinking-Of-Becoming-A-Puppy-Snatcher might strike ...)

Kim Gray said...

ooh that's cute!!!