Friday, 7 December 2007


Right in the middle of doing something far more important, I suddenly became obsessed with the idea of a knitted purse that closed without buttons or zips or velcro. After first finishing the more important thing (yes, really!) I started trying to figure this idea out. At about 2am, it seemed to work.

I'll use it for a week or so to see how the fastenings stretch out, and if it still closes. And if it does, I might make some more. I've realised that 'make as many things as possible before the market' doesn't really constitute a Plan, and makes me feel a bit panicky rather than calm and organised. But I can't think of a better Plan; hopefully I won't get too distracted.


kathryn said...

love it ! hope it keeps working.

Kaija said...

well, bah.

I just wrote like the longest comment ever and lost it. I just love those blogger errors!

To make a long story short: I like your purse and it makes me wish I was more of a girly girl. Shipped your surprise book today. Walked in crappy weather and got cranky. My favorite prints are proteas and leaves.

And there was something else, but I forgot. It was something less cranky. Oh, I was saying that I've been planning so much I haven't had any time to actually do something. We need to focus.

Have a nice weekend!

Cristina said...

That purse is so cute, wonderfull! What a good idea :) The problem that i have with my purses is the war to put the zipper, i know how to put zippers, it was my job in portugal, to make a lot of cushions, but to put a zipper in an crochet or knitting purse is a job for a samaritane!

janine de waal said...

Think it is VERY VERY snazzy!!!!

Audrey said...

i really like your knitted stuff, just found you on "accident". i saw somewhere recently, not sure where, that you can make a little felt ball out of wool or whatnot, and use this inside your bobble balls for body. that would probably help this purse stay closed.

Jesse said...

Thanks, Audrey - that's worth a try.